The Festival

To paint or to make war, these are the two options available to men who master bombs, shells, rockets, detonators, gunpowder, and who compete under their country’s flag…but the Wiseman is he who chooses the most noble use, firework professionals are artists who prefer to use the sky as their canvas
rather than restrict themselves to a picture frame.

Who, among the industry greats, will win the coveted “Vestale d’Argent” this year? Who will win the “Prix du Public” (Audience’s prize) that you can vote for over the 5 nights of the competition, packed with noise and colour ?


The Palais des Festivals et des Congrès has organized the “Public Prize”, for the Festival of Pyrotechnic Art 2018, providing the opportunity for viewers to r... En savoir plus
Manifestation Since 1967, the bay of Cannes is strongly linked with colours and sounds of fireworks. There are all the time novelty and technical improvements... En savoir plus
The Vestale Each year, companies are competing for the Silver Vestale and the prizewinners compete for the Gold, Silver and Bronze Vestale every 4 years... En savoir plus